Anything can, but nothing has to be - this is the motto of casual dating. While casual dating, as the name suggests, is casual and informal, a one-night stand can turn into a fiasco. In addition, there is always a hint of wickedness about the one-night stand, and most people who wake up in a strange bed the next morning do not always feel very comfortable.

Sex for one night?

Fast and usually even anonymous - these are the attributes that are assigned to sex for one night. Two people might get to know each other in a bar, chat and drink. At some point the bar closes and the couple decides not to separate, but to go to bed together. If alcohol was also involved, the awakening can be very bad and the shame is usually particularly great afterwards.

Differences between one night stand and casual date

None of this is the case with casual dating and this is exactly where the differences lie between the random one-night stand and the planned casual date. The partner is not searched for and found randomly, but very consciously and in many cases also targeted. The Internet offers a multitude of possibilities to find a person who is also not interested in anonymous sex, but has certain ideas about how, where, when and with whom he wants to spend a few nice hours.

Sex relationship

More and more people are looking for and finding a sex-based relationship on the relevant platforms, but they do not have to invest too much effort. Many married couples who might want to give their dusty sex life a bit of a boost, but do not want to become a classic cheater, can save themselves a visit to a couple therapist or a swingers club with a casual dating. But there are also some rules to follow if a casual date is to be a success.